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 Mini-game: HTH Quiz Show.

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Mini-game: HTH Quiz Show. Empty
PostSubject: Mini-game: HTH Quiz Show.   Mini-game: HTH Quiz Show. Icon_minitimeSat Dec 01, 2012 1:44 pm

One thing I find very amusing in games is as you are going through a game you run into a quiz show, and quick mini-game were you test what you learned so far in-game and you get rewards for doing well. I think this type of mini-game would work wonders in High Tail Hall, since there is so much to be quizzed on, such as animal facts, facts about the girls on the island, facts about the running of the island, et cetera. Here is my take on how one much quiz show mini-game would work on High Tail Hall

First let's pick a host for is quiz show, I'm either thinking of choosing someone like Crowchild, E_The_Weasel, (Sorry if I wrote that wrong.) and Tyvara_Panther, or one of the girls like Rio or Tanya. Each would work, but for this example we will use Tanya.

Second let's quickly explain the interface I'm thinking of, quickly picture in your head to the right side of the screen to host of this quiz game Tanya, to the top left is her dialog box were she asks the questions, and responds to your answers, and to the bottom left a window were you choice the answers to the either true or false, and or multiple choice questions.

Third let's get to the questions themselves, there will be four categories; animal trivia, girl trivia, HTH Studios trivia, and island trivia. Animal trivia are questions about the species of animals the girls are, for example: What species of zebra is Tanya winters? Girl trivia are questions relating about the girls on the island, such as questions about there backgrounds, hobbies, preferences, relationships, and schedules. An example would be: At ten p.m. were would Rio Davis be located? Or: What is the name of Rio Davis's little sister? HTH Studios trivia are questions about the site, and the background of the game, for example: What year was the first version of High Tail Hall released? And lastly island trivia, questions about the locations and clubs on the island, for example: Which club can you find Candy and Sasha preforming?

Fourth game-play, as Tanya reads out the questions of increasing difficulty. you have to choice one of the answers, if you get it right you get a point and you move on to the next question, if you get it wrong you get a strike and move on to the next question. If you get three strikes the game ends. Every five points you get, you unlock access to buttons to interact with Tanya, either from a list of buttons to strip off clothing, and a list of buttons to change the action that Tanya is preforming while hosting the quiz, for example; standing still, fondling her breasts, jerking a dildo between her breasts, fingerings herself, masturbating with the dildo, and be screwed from behind by a stage hand. Every twenty points she will remove one strike, and when you get sixty points you win.

Lastly are the rewards of this mini-game, first for winning you get access to a interactive scene of the hostess in either a gang-bang or at a glory-hole, as well as getting a copy of the scene as downloadable content, secondly you get a ton of experience. You win or loss you get a tiny bonus in the relationship with a girl if you got a question about her correct.

So that is my view on how a High Tail Hall quiz show would work, feel free to leave your thoughts on this suggestion. I would love to hear your ideas on what you think should be added, changed or removed to make this idea even better Cool.
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Mini-game: HTH Quiz Show.
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