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 Mini-game: Babe Fishing.

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PostSubject: Mini-game: Babe Fishing.   Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:44 am

One game I have seen many times before and would love to see in High Tail Hall is Babe Fishing. It's a very simple concept, you go fishing at one of the pools or beaches on the island, but instead of trying to catch fish, you are trying to catch sexy babes to screw Cool. Well I guess in the context of High tail Hall, you can both catch and screw the fish, but you get what I mean right? But I'll give you a more in-depth explanation of how I see it working in the context of High Tail Hall.

For this example we will use the pool at the Villa since it's already populated with named girls. You would begin this mini-game by either talking too a pool attendant or lifeguard and asking for the fishing gear, for clicking fishing gear that is set to the side of the area. You start the mini-game sitting in one of the chairs and you face the pool, you turn the camera right or left to aim were you want to cast, to help you choose were to cast you can see blurred images of the girls that are under the water, or clearly see the few girls that are swimming over the water. After you cast you have the obtain to the start reeling in whenever you want, when you full real in, you can cast back out again were you choice.

Should your hook one of the girls once you cast or as you were reeling in, you now have to pull her in, I'm not fully sure which method should be, but I'll say either rapid clicking, or rapid pressing of right and left. While reeling her in there is a chance that if another girl touches her, the second girl will also be hooked. If you can't reel in the girl or girls fast enough that will let go, and you will have to reel in your line and cast again.

Should you fully reel in the girl or girls, they would give you a blowjob or jack you off with her tits, with a small chance of having sex with you. After you cum the will return to the pool. You can also randomly catch garbage, girls bikinis or porn magazines in place you the girls. Also during the mini-game if you have a good relationship with one of the girls in the area at the time of playing they will rarely pop-up at the waters edge at ask to play with you, if you click them you will, if you ignore them for a while they will go away.

Lastly this mini-game can be played in free-play mode, with no time-limit or points, or challenge mode with a selectable time-limit and a point system were you can try to get a current score, in a certain amount of time or try to beat your high-score. The points for the catches are as such:

Garbage - Zero points.
Bikini/Porn magazine - Three points, with an added two point bonus if hooked at cast.
One girl - Ten points, with an added five point bonus if hooked at cast, and a second five point bonus if you have sex instead of foreplay.
Two girls - Twenty points, with an added five point bonus if the first girl is hooked at cast, and a second five point bonus if you have sex if one of the girls instead of foreplay.
Single girl appearing - Thirty points if clicked, with a five point bonus if you have sex instead of foreplay.
Pair of girls appearing - Sixty points if clicked, with a five point bonus if you have sex instead of foreplay. (Example: Rio and Zig Zag.)

All I have left to say about this idea is that the girls that appear in mini-game when playing, are the ones currently at the area at the time you start playing the mini-game. Please leave your thoughts on this idea, if you have any ideas of things that should be added, or reworked, I would love to hear them.
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PostSubject: Re: Mini-game: Babe Fishing.   Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:51 am

I know this has no relevance to the thread but the example reminded me...has anyone heard how Crow is coming along with Zig Zag?
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Mini-game: Babe Fishing.
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