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 Mini-game: Dance practice.

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PostSubject: Mini-game: Dance practice.   Mini-game: Dance practice. Icon_minitimeThu Jul 14, 2011 11:44 pm

I think a nice addition to the High Tail Hall mini-game pool would be a dance practice game. The idea behind this mini-game would be that an hour or two before one (or more) of girls (Candy, Lucky, or Star are some examples.) is to preform at one of the clubs, (The House of Eve for example.) they would need to warm-up and practice there routine before hand. But since they are performing for an audience, they want someone there to give a biased opinion on there routine, what they could do it improve for the coming performance, and fix any mistakes they may not have noticed themselves. And that is where "YOU" a trusted acquaintance/friend/lover come in, you run into them right before they where going to leave for practice, after talking to them and learning about there little issue, they ask you/or you request to help them, which you happily agree too.

The mini-game itself would be played in a matter of the girl (or girls if it's a two/three girl performance) loosely explaining to you part of there routine, then you would move stile frames of the girl(s) which show a pose or action in that routine she described on to a timeline, which they will fallow, and you do this over three levels, with increasing levels of undress as you go through the full routine. You are scored on how many mistakes you made in laying out the timeline, if you did a bad job, (If you miss 41-100%.) they will be upset with you and your relation with that girl goes down, do a good job, (If you miss 21-40%.) they will thank you and your relation with that girl goes up and the mini-game ends, If you did a great job, (If you miss 0-20%) they will thank you, and your relationship with that girl will raise dramatically, and if you meet up with her/them after there performance that day, to thank you she/they will take you to a private V.I.P. room to give you a private show to thank you. You will be able to choice what outfit she/they wears, and there would be a twenty percent chance that they invite another girl (Only if you helped on an act with only one girl.) to perform with her, if there is a second girl or not, the private show will slowly (or quickly if you decide) devolve into wild sex. Cool

Now I think this makes for a nice mini-game, it's realistic in that the girls would practice there acts and would trust in a friend to help improve there performance, you get to watch the girls warm-up which would be great in and of itself, and you would get a great reward afterwards. Do leave your thoughts if you agree or disagree about this making a good mini-game. Cool

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PostSubject: Re: Mini-game: Dance practice.   Mini-game: Dance practice. Icon_minitimeFri Jul 15, 2011 2:39 pm

+1 Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Mini-game: Dance practice.   Mini-game: Dance practice. Icon_minitimeSat Oct 08, 2011 8:46 am

I like the idea! I'd probably try to simplify it to a handful of actions. She'd start out standing, you tell her what to do to start, what to do after that and so-on, with a few extra options appearing for the last few stages as the performance gets a bit racier. Once that's all done, she'll then run through the moves automatically until you leave.

Added bonus would be simply to allow your character to enjoy the automatic dance a little too much, which she'll take as a sign of approval, offering to clean you up in exchange for the help Wink

That kind of set up would then be a bit simpler (i.e - Crow might actually be able to do it, no offence!). With persistent data it would then be cool to be able to see the girl doing the same dance later on, especially if you view it from the angle of a normal patron, or sit down to get the same view you got while previewing (essentially letting you play the same finale, but in a different setting).
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PostSubject: Re: Mini-game: Dance practice.   Mini-game: Dance practice. Icon_minitimeTue Oct 11, 2011 4:26 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Mini-game: Dance practice.   Mini-game: Dance practice. Icon_minitimeMon Feb 06, 2012 9:40 pm

+1 and you deserve a cyber-cookie. I personally like the first idea better but I wouldn't hate it if it were the second one. Anywho, brilliant. Bella, get this guy a cyber-cookie.
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PostSubject: Re: Mini-game: Dance practice.   Mini-game: Dance practice. Icon_minitime

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Mini-game: Dance practice.
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