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 High Tail Hall Unity Build 0.1e - Keyboard Inputs Non-responsive

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PostSubject: High Tail Hall Unity Build 0.1e - Keyboard Inputs Non-responsive   Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:17 pm

Hello there,

Following the template in the Reporting Bugs section:

I am a Gold User,
The issue is in High Tail Hall Unity Build 0.1e

The problem is that Keyboard strokes are not being registered by the unity build. It will not register game controller inputs either (Steam Controller). I have made attempts to change key bindings to different keys in order to try and correct the problem, but there are no changes. I have also run the unity build as an administrator, but still no change. It seems to recognize the mouse cursor and register the clicks, but it will not allow the clicks to be completed (example would be pressing the check box up above titled 'Hold V for free mouse look', yet it won't respond. Holding V does nothing either.

I have looked through the bug list, and so far I have not seen anything related to the Unity Build 0.1e.

I understand that this is an Alpha Build, so bugs will be common. I just wanted to highlight the potential issue, and see if others who have used the Unity Build are experiencing the same problems or not.
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High Tail Hall Unity Build 0.1e - Keyboard Inputs Non-responsive
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