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 Species selection

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PostSubject: Species selection   Species selection Icon_minitimeFri Oct 14, 2016 8:49 am

I'm curious about some of the species we can select for our characters. Actually, I'm more curious about the species that we can't select for our characters; more specifically, I'd like to know why we can't select them. When I was making my character, I browsed through all the available species to see what my options were. I was kind of surprised by the fact that some of my favorite species weren't available.

It's not big deal - if anything, it's mostly just personal preference - but I kind of would like a few more options for the species list. Some of the animals that weren't on the list confused me because there wasn't a reason I could think of for them not to be on the list. For example, hippos and elephants weren't on the list, yet rhinos were on the list. Why? It doesn't make much sense.
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Species selection
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