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 Access to Locked Areas/New Areas/Octus???

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PostSubject: Access to Locked Areas/New Areas/Octus???   Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:30 am

So as I was browsing the forums a few days ago (by the way things are so dead here :/) I saw that there was a way to get Jade to wear a different outfit in the Tower using the right-click and play method to move from place to place and eventually get it. Well, I couldn't get it to work, but I did discover a few other interesting things about the game, namely the ability to access places that are otherwise locked, not accessible on the map, deleted, or even secret. Let me explain.

I also saw another person noticed this earlier this month in a different thread, and claimed to have been able to visit the Private Room 1 as well as the Villa using this, so I decided to explore. Sure enough, by right-clicking and hitting play in the Main Hall just outside the locked House of Max, I was able to enter Private Room 1, otherwise locked. I went back and checked outside the room afterwards, sure enough, no way in. Here are some pics for evidence.


Afterward I went and searched for how to get into the Villa, probably my favorite place before it was taken down. And what do you know, like the other user had said, by right-clicking and hitting play in the Walk in the Element: Water, you end up at the Villa. I tried this in both Gold and Free, and Gold had some weird graphical glitch that lasted for a couple seconds as the scene faded in. Free was fine. Strange, but whatever. The Villa itself is fine, you can even interact with Jezzel there. Turns out you can visit the pool as well, and everyone there pretty much works too. Oh, except that I found that those I checked didn't let you exit their menu except through the main map. So you have to do the whole thing again to get back. But still, back at the pool! Their scenes are not located at the pool but where they normally would be, so I guess there really isn't much point to visit here, but...meh. Despite being horribly laggy on the pool intro, the place seems fine. I wonder why Crow took it down in the first place...

Anyway, more photo proof:

So that got me thinking. If we can access those places through this method, what else can we do? So thus began my search through the game, going from place to place trying to find all the secret or locked areas I could. First one I found was in the Tower. On the 9th floor of the Tower, the Public Showers, using the method sends you to the Private Rooms for the Tower. Despite being kind of cool, as well as a place I remember briefly being in the game years ago, the place is completely useless as well as being a different design from before. Nothing to interact with, you can only do a 180 turn and exit which puts you back outside the tower. The only interesting thing I found here was that you cant right-click and play anywhere from here. Other places either send you to a new location, or send you to a broken loading screen where you just sit there looking at the background till you hit map or main menu to reset yourself. This place did absolutely nothing though. Strange. Other than that this room is completely uninteresting.

More proof:

So this is where it actually gets interesting. Keep in mind, this whole time all I really want is to get Jade is a cute pink dress, so I figure my next stop is the Sun Temple Ruins (sorry free players :/). I go ahead and right-click and play and end up at...Vaultus? Alright, well I'm no noob to HTH, I've been to Vaultus before. And considering that each location seems to send you somewhere else on the map, I suppose that kind of makes sense that eventually you would get sent to the secret areas. So I keep going using my right-click and play technique and I go from Vaultus to the Pyramid and from there to Naranvad. Interesting, so all the secret areas go from one to the other. I suppose that makes some amount of sense. So I do it again in Naranvad and end Octus? The hell?

I've never heard of Octus. I've never heard of any secret areas other than Vaultus, the Pyramid, and Naranvad (I'm discluding Rose's sanctuary as that was a seasonal Halloween thing). So ending up somewhere new was...unexpected. It seems like some sort of underwater dome with a hologram screen in front of you. I'll not go into what it says because its mostly boring stuff (kidding but its not important to this thread I suppose). You cant turn around in Octus, the view shown in the picture is what you get. Unlike the other secret areas, there really isn't anything to do here. Anyway, pics for proof.


Cool, so what else can we do? Well...that's pretty much it I found. I was also able to get into the fifth floor of the tower doing this, but it has nothing interesting. I also forgot to take a picture, so there is that too. But I think why this works is because each zone in the game has its own file, and all the files are listed in order. I think that when you hit play, instead of using a command to access a new file, it simply brings up the next file in order. So even though there is no command currently to get to the Villa, Octus, or other locked areas, they still have files that exist in the game and therefore can be accessed. You just have to find the area before the locked one in order to access it. Its an interesting way of doing things, and possibly can be used to cheat the game in the future to find hidden areas rather than solving puzzles, but meh, the stone circle is kind of bs anyway.

So let me know, is anybody able to find any other locked areas using this I may have missed? And holy shit I still cant get Jade into her pink outfit. Its in the bloody picture listed in the wiki, give it to me dammit! Razz

P.S. - Sorry for the long post, but hey, its interesting stuff! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Access to Locked Areas/New Areas/Octus???   Fri Jul 01, 2016 1:38 pm

Interesting stuff indeed. Yes, It is kinda dead here.

I got disinterested when you mentioned the gold zones, at least since I don't have a gold account to enjoy the gold island, or it's puzzles. Getting into the villa again is cool though.
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Access to Locked Areas/New Areas/Octus???
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