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 Help Finding Older Versions of High Tail Hall

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Help Finding Older Versions of High Tail Hall Empty
PostSubject: Help Finding Older Versions of High Tail Hall   Help Finding Older Versions of High Tail Hall Icon_minitimeMon Oct 19, 2015 12:00 am

Hey, as a long time player of High Tail Hall, I've seen a lot of builds over the years. And I stumbled across some remnants of older builds a couple of months ago. I want to say it was while the project was still being called High Tail Hall 2, but the Villa had been implemented and the Tower was one of the key areas of attention. Probably around the same time there was that mini-game for either Lucky or Star. Emma (the Snow Leapord) was in the game, sitting at the desk in the tower of the lobby. Obviously she didn't have a scene yet. I mostly focus on her because she's the reason I was looking for older builds in the first place. At the time I had nearly forgotten what she looked like. She's always been a long time favorite.

Recently, I was digging up those old remnant builds again to get a feel for her, but I wasn't able to find the exact page that had given me the build I wanted, I think it had since been removed from the file-sharing sort of site it was stored at. But, I found some other ones that seemed to be related to the presence at Newgrounds. Like all these builds had links to a Newgrounds page on them, but I think when I followed the links, it took me to Newgrounds but said the exact page I was looking for no longer existed. Did you guys take a build down off Newgrounds at all? That's basically what I want to know. And, additionally, if you guys know anywhere where I can look at one of those earlier builds, specifically one with Emma?
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Help Finding Older Versions of High Tail Hall
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