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 Troubleshooting READ ME FOR COMMON FIXES!!

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Troubleshooting  READ ME FOR COMMON FIXES!! Empty
PostSubject: Troubleshooting READ ME FOR COMMON FIXES!!   Troubleshooting  READ ME FOR COMMON FIXES!! Icon_minitimeSun Nov 09, 2014 3:26 am

The game is looping, I can't get past the main menu.

   If you are experiencing issues, always check to see if there's an update available for your browser. Please update your browser and flash player to the latest version. The game has been successfully tested on:

Google Chrome:
Internet Explorer has had issues running the game. Please use a different browser while using this site to avoid black screens and loading failures.
You can update your browser manually here:
Your Flash Player can be updated by going here:

   If updating your browser didn't solve the problem, then the next step would be clearing your browsers cache. Instructions can be found here:'s-Cache

A part of the game is not loading/black screen.

   First, test the solutions given in the answer to Question #1

   Second, this can either mean that our server gave an internal server error or the part you tried to access is bugged. Try refreshing your browser and reload the area. If you keep getting a black screen then please don't hesitate to report the bug by contacting us.

   Third, it may be during our nightly downtime for server maintenance. THIS HAPPENS EVERY NIGHT AROUND 12:45 AM - 1:00 AM MST!

One of the character's is has code in the dialogue box when I go to chat with them (known as "codespeaking")

press the tilde "~" key on your keyboard. You will see a screen for "Relationships". Simply click the name of the girl generating code speak and you can reset her status to "Standby"

I can't get Jeanette or Shemyay to work!

   Did you remember to set your gender when you were creating your character? These two characters need to know your gender in order for their scenes to work correctly Wink

I set my gender as Female when I was creating my character, but I have male genitalia!
Not all characters have same sex interactions yet, and those characters will usually default to male genitalia.
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Troubleshooting READ ME FOR COMMON FIXES!!
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