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 Crowchild FAQ

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PostSubject: Crowchild FAQ   Crowchild FAQ Icon_minitimeSun Nov 09, 2014 2:51 am

Are you the same person who created Tail Underground, Twilight Cavern, or The Penthouse?

   No. Tail underground is created by Ian R. Soulfox, and was released around the same time that the original High Tail Hall was released. Twilight Cavern was created by Jack Salem, and came around after the original High Tail Hall. The Penthouse is by Bad Dog Animation Studios, and came out after HTH 2 was released.

How long have you been drawing for?

   I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil and make marks on paper.

What sort of tablet do you use?
   Wacom Intuos 4

What programs do you use?

   I mainly use flash. I also work with Photoshop, Lightwave, and AfterEffects.

What type of code is used in the production of your games?

   I use the Actionscript system.

Do you take commissions?

   Not at this time. I still have long overdue commissions to finish before I take on new ones. When I am taking commissions, I will announce it on my FA and SF pages as well as Twitter.

Who is your favorite HTH character?

   I like them all, that's why I draw them.

How long ago did you start making High Tail Hall, and how old were you?

   I started making High Tail Hall back around 2002, I was 17.

I heard a fire burned down your place, are you okay?

   That happened a very long time ago, maybe 2004. I was fine, but everything in my apartment was destroyed including a neighborhood cat. Unfortunately it took the very first build of HTH and all my backups.

Where are you from?

   I was born in Honduras and I grew up on Long Island, but I've moved to Colorado.

I've heard your fursona is a wolf, so why is your name Crowchild?

   Yes, I am a gray wolf. I started using Crowchild back when I was 17 and the movie The Crow was cool, the name just kind of stuck.

Do you have any pets?

   I have successfully corrupted Tyvara's two birds. Seriously though, her parrots are pretty cool. She has a Timneh African Grey named Soren, and a Quaker parakeet named Kuarii.

What games do you play in your spare time?

   Ah, spare time, I remember that. For the most part I'm too busy making games to play games, but whenever I do take some time off to recharge I enjoy: Portal, Oblivion, Skyrim, Homeworld 1 and 2, a variety of old Nintendo games on an emulator (all backups of course).

What are your favorite movies?

   Blade Runner, Dark City, Gladiator, The Four Feathers, 300, Heavy Metal, and Fire and Ice.

What artists do you find inspirational?

   The late Frank Franzetta, HR Giger, Ron Cobb, Fossil, Gideon, Bernal, and MaxBlackRabbit.

Would you comment or critique my ___________ ?

   I'm sorry but not only do I not have time to offer in-depth analysis of anyone else's work or projects, I don't feel I'm qualified to do so. It's flattering that some people think I am, however, it's something that I will not do. Also, any time spent helping other people is time I must spend not working on my own projects. There is only so much time in the day and there's never enough of it.

What is your contact information?

   I can be reached through notes on FA or my many addresses.
   For general inquiries:
   For voice and character auditions: -- Please send in .wav format and no more than 2 megs.
   For audio and music submissions: -- Please send in .wav format and no more than 4 megs.
   For general feedback:

   Tyvara is also available to answer questions. If it's coming from Tyvara it's coming from me.  She's the extra part of my brain in another body. Tyvara's email is:
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Crowchild FAQ
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