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PostSubject: Studio FAQ   Studio FAQ Icon_minitimeSun Nov 09, 2014 2:41 am

How many people work for HTH Studios?

   Crowchild- I am the owner/creator of the studio. I do the animations, final artwork, and all of the code  for the game.
   Tyvara – Partial owner of the studio, Head of PR, and Writer for the studio.
   Fossil- Preliminary sketch artist for animations and sprites.
   LittleRedPanda- Website Administrator and part of the art team- she inks the sprites
   Leilani Perriere- Writer for HTH Studios.

We also have a dedicated team of Volunteer Moderators who helps us in our chatroom, forum and other special projects. For more details on who works with the studio, please visit our About Page.

Have the staff ever thought of hiring additional programmers or artists to help expedite the process of game production?

Yes, but we are not looking to expand at this time.

Unfortunately, most people do not follow through in their offers to help. In 2013 alone, we had 4 people approach us with interest, or were recommended to us, but none of them followed through with their offers, or were unwilling to give us the samples we requested to verify that they can do what they say they can. We do require examples of potential employees work within their portfolio, if they want consideration. This is also true with programming. Very few people are as fluent in the code languages that Crow uses. Furthermore, Crow's programing is rather unorthodox. He does not have the time to teach people, so they must have either comparable knowledge, the ability to learn fast enough to not bog down production time, or be able to add something that integrates into the current structure seamlessly. All are tall orders required for any programmer, and often times people just can't meet with our set of standards.

How is HTH Studios funded?

   HTH Studios is largely funded by Gold Subscription sales. User donations and sales at CafePress:, are also very helpful and go directly into studio funding. If you are interested in mailing us a donation please contact Tyvara at for our mailing info.

What's going on with the Rio DVD, and can I get a pre-order?

   No, I am no longer accepting pre-orders. Multiple factors, ranging from computer failings to the economy, have forced me to put the DVD on temporary hold. The project is not abandoned, but I am not releasing updates at this time. I do occasionally stream sneak-peaks of my progress during Livestream shows.

How long will HTH be free?

   I will always offer High Tail Hall as free to play online. High Tail Hall has always been free to play, and I want to keep it that way. I would like to, at some point in the future, offer a finalized version of High Tail Hall to purchase on DVD-ROM to play on the computer; but that's many years away. I am working on subscription content, but that will always be optional. There will always be fun stuff in the free version of the game.
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Studio FAQ
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