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 High Tail Hall FAQ

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PostSubject: High Tail Hall FAQ   High Tail Hall FAQ Icon_minitimeSun Nov 09, 2014 2:32 am

When will the game be updated?

   Currently, HTH Games update every month. Free Zones have at least 1 character update with 1-2 new scenes added monthly. Gold Zones have 2-3 characters added with 3-5 new scenes added monthly. We will make an announcment on the front page, when new updates go live.

   I no longer release exact ETA's for my projects. Too many things can go wrong to cause delays. The best way to guess when the game will be updated is to pay attention to my Livestream shows, or you can follow our Tumblr account.
Here's the link for the Tumblr:
Here's the link for our Livestream page:

How much time is devoted to HTH Games?[/b]

   I work on this project every day. This is my full time job. I also regularly livestream my progress.

When will __________ be added to the game?

   I am not releasing ETA's. Your best bet is to watch the news feed on the website. I assure you I have not forgotten about any of my characters, areas, or features. I'll get to it all, it just takes time. I'm still the only person putting this game together, so these things take time.

Will Jade Lanely and/or Luca Shoal be added to the game?

   No. Jade and Luca are characters owned by their respective players, not HTH Studios. Luca can be found in plenty of other places and games. There are no plans to add Luca or Jade to HTH. I do have plans to incorporate wildly colored species and trap characters in the future.

Why do you sometimes work on backgrounds instead of characters?

   The characters need a place to be in otherwise they are just animals floating around in a blank void. Void = not sexy. Also, for the past few years I've been jumping around between computers, which resulted in some lost data or damaged files, so things had to be redone. I've also learned things since making those older files and have been able to improve them.

Why do you keep changing ________ character; they look fine to me?

   There are many reasons why I decided to alter characters, ranging from my skills improving, damaged files, coding errors, and sometimes I wake up, look at my characters and realize what I've been doing wrong, and I must fix it. If you would like to make suggestions about characters, please send us an email or submit a helpdesk ticket.

Will you change __________ character back to the way they used to look?

   No, I have no plans to go back on any of my designs. I move forward, not back. In the end I need to be happy with the way things look, I have to draw it repetitively for animation purposes. I don't want to be drawing something I'm not happy with. My characters also evolve as my skills improve. I won't draw something wrong or poorly, just because that's how I used to do it.

Are there any plans to add voices and/or sound (other than music) to the game like there was for HTH2?

   Yes! Sound is currently in game for some characters! We are recording and incorporating more sound, however, it is a long and rather buggy process. Also, not all characters have voice actors. It will take time to cast all the roles. I am still in contact with the voice actress for Bella, and I live with Tyvara so there are no plans to change the voices.

   If you are a woman and are interested in sending us an audition, please contact us!

For voice and character auditions: -- Please send in .wav format and no more than 2 megs.
For audio and music submissions: -- Please send in .wav format and no more than 4 megs.

When will the game be finished?

   High Tail Hall is currently in development, and the process is ongoing. I am no longer releasing ETA's. The plan is to incorporate 150 fully interactive characters by the time this is done. This is a long term project.
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High Tail Hall FAQ
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