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PostSubject: Livestreams   Livestreams Icon_minitimeSun Nov 09, 2014 2:25 am

Q:How often do you Livestream?

I Livestream regularly Wednesday - Sunday. Tuesdays happen on occasions. I will NEVER stream on Mondays. I run two different styled stream shows: The Crows Nest and Wolf Tracks.

Q:What is the difference between Crows Nest and Wolf Tracks Streams?

 - The Crows Nest is a late night stream done with the mic on. Tyvara, and anyone else available in the studio help out by reading off questions and comments made by viewers during the stream. During these shows I ask for feedback from the audience as well.

 - Wolf Tracks is a music only stream where I focus on my daily workload. I leave the chat in the hands of my mods and focus only on my workload. I don't answer questions or respond to PM's.

Q:What time does your show start?
I don't schedule any set time, but they generally start somewhere around 9pm MST. We make posts on the front page of the website, Tumblr, Twitter, SoFurry, Furaffinity when our shows begin.

Q:How long do your shows run?

As long as I feel like streaming. Most of the time they end around 2am MST.
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