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 How to Report Bugs!

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How to Report Bugs! Empty
PostSubject: How to Report Bugs!   How to Report Bugs! Icon_minitimeSun Nov 09, 2014 1:35 am

Before reporting a bug, please check our Known Issues list:  (you must be logged into your account on the website to see the list) We know the list is long, but Ctrl+F will help you search for a specific character name or area.

If your issue is not listed, please start a new topic.  Here is an example of how you can submit your report, please feel free to use the same format!

Are you a Free or Gold Member?
Is this occurring in High Tail Hall or Red Light District?
Please describe your problem, using as much detail as you can:

Anything else we need to know?

If you have screenshots that involve nudity, they will need to be emailed to either LittleRedPanda or Tyvara Panther. We cannot host any nudity or pornography on our forum. Please do not send bug reports to these emails, you MUST start a topic here in the forum!
Tyvara Panther-
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How to Report Bugs!
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